What’s that box in your swag bag?

Have you dug into your ONA15 swag bag yet?

If so, you might be wondering about that Google-branded cardboard box.

It’s actually called Google Cardboard. And with it, you can use your phone to create a virtual reality experience. It takes a few steps to set up, so we tried it out and “giffed” the experience.

If you want to use your Google Cardboard, follow our steps and check out some available sample content .

—Katy Mersmann

Google Cardboard


VRSE has a number of 360-degree short documentaries and videos to watch on Google Cardboard.

YouTube offers some videos in 360 degrees that users can watch with Google Cardboard.

Tilt Brush Gallery is an app that allows users to watch as pre-made sketches are drawn in 3-D.

The North Face: Climb is another app that allows users to experience rock-climbing and base-jumping.